Moving is a long and complicated process that is key to the right from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, it can quickly end up in chaos, either in the house you are moving from, during the move itself, or in your new home. But proper planning can go as smoothly as any.

Here are seven tips that will aid you:

Make a list

Before you"ve even started packing the first box, make a list. Use your phone, computer or notebook to write down what needs to be moved, when it will happen, and how to do it. Either you make a numbering system, or splits you up stuff per room, or why not color code. Select the system that suits you best. The list should also include a schedule of when to repack every room when the movers come when to clean the house and so on.

Find Movers

You have to find both affordable and reliable moving company, who have insurance – especially if you have delicate and expensive things. Ask for quotes from long distance movers in Orlando, FL, compare and also look at the network reviews before you decide. Check if there are cardboard boxes, plastic covers, Styrofoam and other things. It can save both money and time. You should have prepared a list of how much you have to move to get the best price. Prices can vary widely.

Bank itself

Pack down as much as you can before the movers arrive to save time, money and stress. For example, you can pack any clothes except the ones you need to use until moving day. All you do not need to use before moving. The very last thing you pack the night before.

Take bags

Use of luggage as suitcases, bags, bags and more to pack the clothes, bedding and other small goods. To move and settle in a new home will be less chaotic if you can easily find and unpack your clothes, towels and other items that you use daily.

Relevant documents

Birth certificates, school certificates, bank paper, bills, real estate brokerage information, maps – all documents you consider important should be close to you and stored somewhere with easy access. Do not pack them in a box the moving company takes. It may take some days before you find them again in the new location, and they may even disappear in the move.

The last check

After unpacking the last box the night before moving, it"s time to do a final walk-through of the house and start cleaning:

  • Check each room, so nothing is left forgotten.
  • Check for injuries and brands to make quick repairs if necessary.
  • Read the electricity meter and write it down, so you know in the end the bill what your part is.
  • Defrost the refrigerator so that a power failure does not cause floods.
  • Clean yourself or hire long distance movers in Orlando, FL, then you know that everything is done properly.

Final Control

When all things are in the new home, count the boxes! Now that you noticed all the boxes, it"s also easy to see that they all end up in the right place from the start. You should also check that your furniture and other fragile items not received any damage then it can go on moving the firm"s insurance. Start packing up in your new home!

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