Moving is an incredibly stressful time and even more so when it’s across the country. How effective your relocation is, really depends on how prepared you are for moving day. One of the most important steps to take is to ensure that all of your loose ends are tied up at home before you leave.

We hate to say it, but making the decision to move to another state was the easy part. Moving in Duval County, Florida is a long and involved process, so it’s extremely important to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Anyone that’s moved house before can attest that living among piles of boxes and furniture for weeks can be a great test for your mood and nerves.

Best Interstate Moving Companies in North Shore, Florida

How to prepare for an interstate move in North Shore, Florida?

To simplify the moving process, designate a notebook or binder separate from your regular agenda or filing system that can hold everything from To Do Lists to budget breakdowns and receipts. Your out-of-state move’s going to be expensive, and you’ll want to minimize the amount of nice-to-have’s (think: your paper mache butterfly collection from the third grade) and maximize the must-have’s like your bedroom set. So, with that in mind, start the packing process by eliminating all of your unused clothing, out-of-date electronics and any items that only weigh you down.

With a local move, I usually recommend at least 8 weeks but for a long distance move in North Shore, Florida, 12-16 weeks is ideal, particularly if you"re moving to a new state or across an international border. It takes extra time but careful labeling will make for a much easier time unpacking at your new home, ensuring that every box ends up in the right room and anything you might be searching for is easy to find.

Why should I hire the Best Interstate Moving Companies in North Shore, Florida?

One single answer to that question is that if you will be able to handle all that hard work, physical and mental stress, then, go ahead and do it all by yourself. If not, it’s a good idea to hire professional movers in North Shore, Florida 32201 for your interstate move. You might be able to save some money by packing yourself, but before you decide how much to do on your own, call at least three moving companies to get estimates for what they charge for different levels of service, from packing all of your stuff and transporting it, to loading and transporting only.

You can’t always depend on your friends and family to be available to help you move — people get sick, important things come up, and in general, they have their own lives they need to live. Even if you’re in pretty good shape, heavy lifting can strain you if you’re not used to it and familiar with how to do it safely.

I"m on a tight budget. Can I do a DIY move?

While hiring a professional moving company in North Shore, Florida may save you time and energy, it certainly won’t save you any money in your bank account. Saving money is by and far the main reason why many homeowners choose DIY moving over other types of moving options. Start your packing about a month before you plan to move; this will give you plenty of time to have everything ready by moving day and separate the “must haves" from the “better off withouts!" Whether you"ve chosen the wrong Realtor, put off packing until the last minute or didn’t read lease agreement terms because you were in a hurry, not planning can actually cause you stress long after you"ve moved into your new home.

Because you’ll need sturdy packing boxes of various sizes, you’re going to need more than just whatever cardboard boxes you can pick up from family and friends. To help understand the size of vehicle you will need, if you have a removal company quote to move you enquire about the size of vehicle they are planning to use.

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What should I do if I want to rent a truck in North Shore, Florida?

Most truck rental companies in Duval County, Florida will help you determine what size you need based on the items you’re moving or the number of rooms your belongings fit into. It’s always easier to spend a bit more and rent more truck than you need rather than having to take multiple trips due to underestimating the vehicle size your move will require. The price of renting a truck varies from company to company and from day to day within the same company because it is based on availability and demand of trucks.

Before you drive the moving truck off of the lot, make sure you inspect it and immediately report any damage or issues that you could be wrongly charged for when you return the vehicle. Just remember these vehicles are heavy, especially when they are full so always put extra space between you and the car in front of you in case you need to come to a sudden stop.