Moving house can be a tedious event. You have to pack a lot of things such as clothes, utensils and other small items. If such tasks it not difficult enough, you have to remember that you need to move heavy and bulky furniture and appliances as well. There"s a lot that can go wrong when you are moving furniture and appliances, you can do either damage those things, or you can hurt yourself which is much worse.

Bumping and scratching furniture while moving is unavoidable. It doesn"t matter how strong you are; there is always that possibility that you will hit the furniture somewhere during the move. That doesn"t mean though that you should no longer be careful. Put effort in making sure that your path is clear. Also, it is best to plan your route and make sure that the way is wide enough for the furniture to pass through.
If you want to avoid having to make additional efforts and to move furniture without damaging the floor here are some practical tips for you to move them quickly and safely.

Easily move furniture without damaging the floor

One of the easiest tricks is to use a “magic carpet". No, it is not flying, but it will give wonders when moving furniture. Place one or several mats, blankets or clothes under furniture legs. Once you"ve located above the structure, you can slide the furniture across the floor while dragging the fabric and thus avoid leaving marks on the floor.
If you want to move the furniture is not too big and the floor is tiled, each leg mounted on a slice of potato or melon rind, chopped coarsely always, to slide.

Tricks to move heavy furniture

Plastic or vinyl floors not only run the risk of scratches, but it can even get pierced when you try to drag heavy furniture on such type of floor. If it is a heavy appliance or furniture, a plastic or rubber cushion can be placed under the furniture to protect the floor. In this case, just pour on the floor some dishwashing soap. The floor will become slippery and can easily move the furniture on it.

If the furniture you want to move has long legs you can always use socks. Use them to cover the legs and it can also help you slide the furniture effortlessly.
The problem arises where the floor will not allow heavy furniture to slide. In carpeted floor, put under each leg of the furniture a smooth tin can metal lid. The smooth surface will slide on the carpet and help you move the furniture. The rim of the lid will prevent this from escaping the leg during the maneuver.

Now that some ways to protect the floor and furniture have been presented. Another more important safety precaution is how to make sure that you won’t get hurt while moving your furniture.

Moving your furniture can be quite risky for you. To avoid injury or premature damage to your prized possessions when you transfer yourself from one home to another, familiarize yourself with the main safety guidelines.

The best way to move these heavy pieces of furniture is to hire reputable moving companies in Orange Park, they specialize in relocation. They will do it for you because they know how to do it.

Disassembles the furniture

The furniture is considered one of the most difficult elements to move to another home because of its size, weight, shape, fragility or their cost. To make it easier it is best to disassemble your furniture before removing it from your home.

Remove the furniture (which may) is the best safety tip for a move because without disassembling. Some furniture may not pass through corridors or doors, if you will move them piece by piece, you can make sure that they will fit and breakage will be avoided.

Identify and eliminate the dangers when moving furniture.
  • Take a tour to survey the unfurnished and hazardous areas such as stairs, sharp corners or areas which can contaminate your furniture.
  • Keep the roads clear at all times, remove cardboard boxes, fixtures on the floor or any items that might trip you up.
  • Cover slippery floors with cloth, blankets or any materials that will make the floor less slippery.
Do not do it alone
  • The burden of moving the house is too big for one person, let alone to handle heavy and large parts.
  • Remember that moving is a team effort.
  • The last time I moved house, I was able to hire cheap movers near me who were able to handle all strenuous tasks safely and professionally.
Wearing proper clothing and footwear
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is flexible and breathable.
  • Do not wear clothes that you do not want to get dirty and worn out at the end of the move.
  • Do not wear loose clothing because it can snag furniture and cause an accident.
  • Use closed shoes with rubber soles.
  • Wear rubber gloves can provide you much grip furniture.

These tips and tricks should be able to help you make your move safer and easier. There are other moving tips on this blog, feel free to read them.

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