Make Long Distance Moving Easier

If you are the type of person who is adventurous or always wants to have a new environment, chances are you are looking forward to moving to another city or state. No doubt that living in a new neighborhood and meeting new friends can be exciting to some. However, before you experience those things, you have to go through the tedious task of packing your stuff, transport them to your new house, then unpack them and organize them.

If you are moving house to another city/state, you also have to move all your possessions. Obviously, it is impossible to move all your furniture and belongings collected over the years in your car. If you are moving to another city/state for any reason, you need to hire movers to help you move your belongings over a long distance. You should be aware of the fact that moving companies consider the transportation of goods of more than 100 miles away as long distance. Different moving companies in Jacksonville has packages that will suit your needs and budget.

Here are some tips for individuals and families who have to travel from their homes to another city/state.

Keep your documents in one place

You need all the paperwork, receipts, and relevant information in one location to track long distance moving related expenses. There are certain costs that you can claim deductions when you file your next return.

Research your new community

Also, you need to know more about the city where you will move. You can find more information about local entertainment options, shopping, and restaurants. This way you can have a lot of fun moving to a new place and look forward to your moving experience. Browse through the map of your new city and familiarize yourself with the area and the famous places. This way, you will know more about schools and other services in your new area. It is a good idea to read some local newspaper. In general, the idea is to be as informed as possible on issues about your new city so that nothing should come as a surprise to you.

Make sure public utilities are available in your new home

Contact public utility companies before you move. You don"t want to go to your new house then find out that the house doesn"t have water, electricity, or gas. If you can"t live without internet, telephone or cable, you might want to arrange them before you move. Some companies might take them few days or even a week or so before they can setup their services.

Start packing non-essential items when you are cleaning your house. You will have fewer items to pack, and you will have a rough idea how many boxes it will take to pack all your things. If you hire movers, you will get a more exact quote since you will know the volume of the things that you will move. You should only take along what you need. If certain things can be sold or discarded, you should have a garage sale, or you can even donate them. It reduces the cost of long distance movement; it also helps you figure out which extra baggage you have been carrying in your life every day. Get in touch with movers near me to get a quotation.

Keep your address and phone book handy

So you will have easy access to as many possible contacts. Do yourself a favor and write them down in a notebook and add each address and phone number that you think you may need. Some important address and phone numbers are doctors, employers, schools and their friends and relatives. Get a duplicate because there is also the possibility of losing a copy during long distance move. It is better to add as many contacts as possible to look for any address and telephone numbers later on.

The distance between cities or states means you won"t have time to go back and fix your errands and meet with your friends. Make sure to complete all outstanding issues where you are working. Inform them of your new address for accounts and tax purposes. Treat your closest colleagues to lunch and have a good time before leaving. Give them your new address and email address so that you can all keep in touch. If there is something you need to your new job, get it before your last day.

Get your driver"s license in your new state. Consider the amount of time you have before you are required to change your driver"s license. The usual period allowed varies between three to six months. Then there are some places where it is necessary to change your driver"s license immediately after moving long distance.

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How To Move Furniture Safely During House Moving?

Moving house can be a tedious event. You have to pack a lot of things such as clothes, utensils and other small items. If such tasks it not difficult enough, you have to remember that you need to move heavy and bulky furniture and appliances as well. There"s a lot that can go wrong when you are moving furniture and appliances, you can do either damage those things, or you can hurt yourself which is much worse.

Bumping and scratching furniture while moving is unavoidable. It doesn"t matter how strong you are; there is always that possibility that you will hit the furniture somewhere during the move. That doesn"t mean though that you should no longer be careful. Put effort in making sure that your path is clear. Also, it is best to plan your route and make sure that the way is wide enough for the furniture to pass through.
If you want to avoid having to make additional efforts and to move furniture without damaging the floor here are some practical tips for you to move them quickly and safely.

Easily move furniture without damaging the floor

One of the easiest tricks is to use a “magic carpet". No, it is not flying, but it will give wonders when moving furniture. Place one or several mats, blankets or clothes under furniture legs. Once you"ve located above the structure, you can slide the furniture across the floor while dragging the fabric and thus avoid leaving marks on the floor.
If you want to move the furniture is not too big and the floor is tiled, each leg mounted on a slice of potato or melon rind, chopped coarsely always, to slide.

Tricks to move heavy furniture

Plastic or vinyl floors not only run the risk of scratches, but it can even get pierced when you try to drag heavy furniture on such type of floor. If it is a heavy appliance or furniture, a plastic or rubber cushion can be placed under the furniture to protect the floor. In this case, just pour on the floor some dishwashing soap. The floor will become slippery and can easily move the furniture on it.

If the furniture you want to move has long legs you can always use socks. Use them to cover the legs and it can also help you slide the furniture effortlessly.
The problem arises where the floor will not allow heavy furniture to slide. In carpeted floor, put under each leg of the furniture a smooth tin can metal lid. The smooth surface will slide on the carpet and help you move the furniture. The rim of the lid will prevent this from escaping the leg during the maneuver.

Now that some ways to protect the floor and furniture have been presented. Another more important safety precaution is how to make sure that you won’t get hurt while moving your furniture.

Moving your furniture can be quite risky for you. To avoid injury or premature damage to your prized possessions when you transfer yourself from one home to another, familiarize yourself with the main safety guidelines.

The best way to move these heavy pieces of furniture is to hire reputable moving companies in Orange Park, they specialize in relocation. They will do it for you because they know how to do it.

Disassembles the furniture

The furniture is considered one of the most difficult elements to move to another home because of its size, weight, shape, fragility or their cost. To make it easier it is best to disassemble your furniture before removing it from your home.

Remove the furniture (which may) is the best safety tip for a move because without disassembling. Some furniture may not pass through corridors or doors, if you will move them piece by piece, you can make sure that they will fit and breakage will be avoided.

Identify and eliminate the dangers when moving furniture.
  • Take a tour to survey the unfurnished and hazardous areas such as stairs, sharp corners or areas which can contaminate your furniture.
  • Keep the roads clear at all times, remove cardboard boxes, fixtures on the floor or any items that might trip you up.
  • Cover slippery floors with cloth, blankets or any materials that will make the floor less slippery.
Do not do it alone
  • The burden of moving the house is too big for one person, let alone to handle heavy and large parts.
  • Remember that moving is a team effort.
  • The last time I moved house, I was able to hire cheap movers near me who were able to handle all strenuous tasks safely and professionally.
Wearing proper clothing and footwear
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is flexible and breathable.
  • Do not wear clothes that you do not want to get dirty and worn out at the end of the move.
  • Do not wear loose clothing because it can snag furniture and cause an accident.
  • Use closed shoes with rubber soles.
  • Wear rubber gloves can provide you much grip furniture.

These tips and tricks should be able to help you make your move safer and easier. There are other moving tips on this blog, feel free to read them.

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Tips for Moving You"ll Ever Need

Moving is a long and complicated process that is key to the right from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, it can quickly end up in chaos, either in the house you are moving from, during the move itself, or in your new home. But proper planning can go as smoothly as any.

Here are seven tips that will aid you:

Make a list

Before you"ve even started packing the first box, make a list. Use your phone, computer or notebook to write down what needs to be moved, when it will happen, and how to do it. Either you make a numbering system, or splits you up stuff per room, or why not color code. Select the system that suits you best. The list should also include a schedule of when to repack every room when the movers come when to clean the house and so on.

Find Movers

You have to find both affordable and reliable moving company, who have insurance – especially if you have delicate and expensive things. Ask for quotes from long distance movers in Orlando, FL, compare and also look at the network reviews before you decide. Check if there are cardboard boxes, plastic covers, Styrofoam and other things. It can save both money and time. You should have prepared a list of how much you have to move to get the best price. Prices can vary widely.

Bank itself

Pack down as much as you can before the movers arrive to save time, money and stress. For example, you can pack any clothes except the ones you need to use until moving day. All you do not need to use before moving. The very last thing you pack the night before.

Take bags

Use of luggage as suitcases, bags, bags and more to pack the clothes, bedding and other small goods. To move and settle in a new home will be less chaotic if you can easily find and unpack your clothes, towels and other items that you use daily.

Relevant documents

Birth certificates, school certificates, bank paper, bills, real estate brokerage information, maps – all documents you consider important should be close to you and stored somewhere with easy access. Do not pack them in a box the moving company takes. It may take some days before you find them again in the new location, and they may even disappear in the move.

The last check

After unpacking the last box the night before moving, it"s time to do a final walk-through of the house and start cleaning:

  • Check each room, so nothing is left forgotten.
  • Check for injuries and brands to make quick repairs if necessary.
  • Read the electricity meter and write it down, so you know in the end the bill what your part is.
  • Defrost the refrigerator so that a power failure does not cause floods.
  • Clean yourself or hire long distance movers in Orlando, FL, then you know that everything is done properly.

Final Control

When all things are in the new home, count the boxes! Now that you noticed all the boxes, it"s also easy to see that they all end up in the right place from the start. You should also check that your furniture and other fragile items not received any damage then it can go on moving the firm"s insurance. Start packing up in your new home!


Heldic, The Site For All Your Moving Needs

Everyone all loves their homes and feel a kind of emotional attachment to all the familiar surroundings and neighbors. This attachment makes moving even more challenging. However, when you have no option but to move to a new location, following a few guidelines can make your move hassle free.

This website will regularly publish articles that will give tips to families or business who are planning to move. There are a lot of tasks involved in moving which makes it stressful. However, there are different ways to makes those tasks easier as well. Visit this site regularly so that you will be updated about the latest strategies and tips about moving.

Make a list.
Use a notebook to track of all the boxes. Assign each box a letter that corresponds with the letter in your notebook. Then list contents in each box.

Pack Things carefully.
First of all, wrap item carefully using enough layer of wrapping sheets or old newspapers. You can use bubble wraps. After wrapping them, put them box.

Do not make the box too heavy.
Fill the space of the box with padding materials, such as bubble wrap or wadded newspapers which will avoid the risk of damage.

Divide checklist into levels of priority.
This ensures that you can grade the tasks on hand and not leave the most important tasks on the back burner.

Pack your items by room.
This will make labeling easier. Put all the items in a room inside a set of boxes then label them. This way you will know where to unpack each box.

Notify gas, electric, gas and water companies in advance.
As you are changing address, you will have to notify these companies, banks, friends and relatives to send your mail to your new address.

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